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Can use rongalite, sulphate and hydrogen peroxide at the same time?

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sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate(rongalite) should not be used at the same time as hydrogen peroxide et sulphate.


sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate(rongalite) is more stable at room temperature and is extremely reductive at high temperatures and has a bleaching effect.


sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate(rongalite) is decomposed when it meets acid, generating sodium salt and sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate(rongalite) acidum: NaHSO2-CH2O-2H2O +H+ ==== Na+ + CH2OHS(=O)-OH + 2H2O (sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate(rongalite) acidum is a weak acid) , igitur sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate(rongalite) cannot be mixed with sulphuric acid.


It has a strong reducing effect and bleaching effect, while hydrogen peroxide has a strong oxidizing effect, so the two cannot be mixed.


In the printing and dyeing industry, it is used as a dyeing agent and reducing dye for cotton, rayon and short-fibre fabrics.


It is used as a redox catalyst in the preparation of synthetic resins and synthetic rubber.


It is also used as an antidote, sugar bleaching agent, descaling agent, detergent and for the preparation of indigo dyes, reducing dyes, etc.

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